ReFS (Resilient File System)

Today I came across an interesting article about ReFS, going forward which seems  to be the new version of the file system in upcoming Windows OS.

Some of the interesting features of this file system are

  • Supports long/lengthy file names: Remember in older version of OS encountering an error while navigating to a folder “The file path is too long” ??? — Yes, this also seems to be addresses in ReFS. Hurrah!!! now you can name your files up to 32K (32,768) characters long  and also Yes for the file path size, now this also can be up to 32K characters. So, you can navigate or copy files to different paths even if the number of characters in file name(s) /path size are longer than 255 characters.
  • When compared with NTFS in which the volume size can be up to 16Exabytes, ReFS allows a maximum volume size of 252,144 Exabytes (1018bytes/1 billion GB).

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