Active Directory with PowerShell

Happy to to share with all my blog readers that we have authored a book named “Active Directory with PowerShell published by Packt Publishers.

This book acts as a complete guide that will unleash the power of automation in Active Directory environment. Also helps you to

  • Create and manage domains, organization units, sites, and IP subnets using PowerShell
  • Learn advanced operations in Active directory such as promoting, demoting active directory domain controllers, recovering AD objects, and working with replication using PowerShell


The book starts with an overview of the components, software, and modules required to manage Active Directory with PowerShell. It then moves on to help you create and manage users, computer accounts, and group policies with simple examples to automate daily tasks. Furthermore, it covers topics such as GPOs, DNS Server/Client, DFS-N, and DFS-R automation. It also demonstrates how to automate some advanced operations so that they can be scripted to perform in a faster and more efficient way. By the end of this book, you will be competent enough to use PowerShell to manage your Active Directory environment and will gain all the required knowledge to automate your daily operations.


  • Manage user and computer accounts using PowerShell
  • Automate group membership additions, removals, and bulk operations using PowerShell
  • Perform various query operations against Active Directory to fetch user, computer, and group details in an efficient and faster way
  • Understand how sites, subnets, and domains are managed
  • Perform advanced operations such as Domain Controller promotion/demotion
  • Discover how to automate replication checks, fine grained password policy creation, and FSMO roles transfer/seize using PowerShell
  • Get to know more about DNS server management, record creation/modification/ deletion, and DNS client management with PowerShell
  • Find out ways to automate DFS-N and DFS-R installation and configuration using PowerShell

How to get this book?


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