Exchange 2010 Free Online Training

Hi All,

 Here is an interesting site for Exchange Server 2010 Free
Online Training. Concepts seem to be very useful.

You Will Need

To do this training you will need your own computer or laptop
to run the training lab environment, and an internet connection for accessing
the lessons themselves. If you don’t have a computer with enough resources to
run the training lab environment you can still join and watch the lessons if
you wish to.

to Expect Inside

The Exchange 2010 Boot Camp is made up of four training
modules, each containing several lessons. The lessons are presented in a
combination of text, screen shots, and videos.

  • Module
    1 – Get started by creating your own Exchange 2010 training lab
  • Module
    2 – Walk through the configuration of each of the Exchange 2010 server
  • Module
    3 – Become familiar with managing recipients with the Exchange 2010
    management tools
  • Module
    4 – Learn how to backup and restore an Exchange 2010 server

Hope this is helpful to all Exchange Admins.

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