Window 7 desktop features you didn’t know you had

When defining a Windows desktop configuration, many administrators start with a default Windows deployment and then lock down the settings and features they don’t want users to access. While this approach works, it’s based on the assumption that a default installation includes all of the features available for that particular version of the operating system.
This isn’t necessarily the case.

Windows 7 has several useful features that are not installed by default; some of them could benefit your organization.

To access these nondefault features, open the Control Panel and click on Programs. In the Programs and Features section, click the Turn Windows Features On or Off link. When you do this, Windows will display a dialog box where you can enable or disable several features.

While you may not want to enable all the features, here are a handful of nondefault components to consider.

  • The Indexing Service
  • Internet Information Services
  • Internet Information Services Hostable Web Core
  • Microsoft Message Queue Server
  • RIP Listener
  • Microsoft Services for Network File System
  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Simple TCP/IP services
  • Subsystem for Unix-based Applications
  • Telnet Server
  • TFTP Client
  • Windows TIFF IFilter

 While some of these nondefault components are outdated or relatively obscure, others may be useful in your environment.


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