Unable to execute VB Script on Remote System

If you’re facing problem while executing VB Script on Remote System, few of possible errors1. Memory Unavailable – DCOM Ports are not available on the host where the script is scheduled to execute

2. RPC Unavailable – Windows Firewall or any other firewall might be running on remote system. Enable RPC ports in Firewall.

WBEMTEST can be used to check if WMI is working on remote system. WBEMTest.exe is included on every computer that has WMI installed. You can use it to quickly explore or confirm WMI details. However, WBEMTest.exe is only designed to be a support tool and has little support for browsing classes or instances.

*** Ensure that the account you’re using has Administrator Privileges on remote system and Remote Registry is enabled
A quick tutorial on WBEMTEST:


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