Breaking Administrator Password of Windows XP

As administrators we could have received multiple calls from
laptop/home users saying that they have forgotten the Local Administrator
Password and ask us to crack.
While there are many third party hacking /crack tools on
net, below article helped me to do that without any of those.
Here is the article which explains in simple way to reset the
password… Hope it would be useful to you sometimes in your operations…

Show The Current Date & Time In A Cell in Excel Sheet

At times you may want to include current date & time in an excel sheet.
How do you do that automatically?
2 functions help us to do that
– Inserts current date

This  formula will only update when the worksheet is recalculated or when you reopen  the workbook. That’s usually not a problem since the date only changes once a day.  Also, you may have to format the cell to give you your desired date format.

– Inserts Current Date & Time

This  formula gives you both the date and time in the same cell (i.e. 19-May-03  9:00pm), however, is less useful because the time in the cell won’t change
until your worksheet recalculates or when you reopen your workbook. If you just  want the cell to display the time only, you’ll have to change the number format  by selecting Format, Cells, Number, Time, (select a desired time  format), OK